Cheese Matters is a partnership initiative developed by Nottingham based companies Capital One, Eversheds Sutherland and Ikano bank alongside Business in the Community who were at the helm of the original design and set-up. These companies make up the ‘Cheese Board’.

It is multi-award winning, free to schools, covers key stages 3/4 and is part of Young Money (formally PFEG).

What is Cheese Matters?

Cheese is a slang term for money originating from 1960s America when packets of processed cheese were given out with welfare payments to people on the poverty line.

Aimed at year 9, 10 and 11 students, Cheese Matters is an interactive and engaging 2 hour business volunteer led workshop which aims to teach young people about the importance of being sensible with personal finances. The content combines role play, film and activities and is based on a character called Johnny Caerphilly who has been summoned to court on a bankruptcy charge.

Key themes include

Sensible behaviours concerning personal finance
Responsible borrowing
Understanding of different finance products

The sessions are delivered by volunteers from each of the partner companies as well as staff and students from the University of Nottingham Business School.

It’s a free product for Schools and covers 50% of finance education on the curriculum.

Over 7300  students and 290 business volunteers have now gone through this financial literacy programme and we know through evaluations that the key messages are hitting home.

This is a fantastic way for businesses to contribute to the community and engage with different groups (age, culture, profession, seniority) whilst providing an opportunity to share individual financial / life experiences at the same time. In addition volunteers benefit from further developing confidence, presentation and adaptation skills.

The Cheese is starting to spread further afield with delivery now happening in Derby and Leeds and plans afoot for Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, London and Germany!